The religious education program of Holy Cross Parish and Our Lady of the Scapular seeks to fulfill the words of Our Lord in Saint Matthew’s Gospel, “Let the children come to me…for the Kingdom of God belongs to such as these.”  The program educates over 500 hundred young people a year.  We look to teach the children both the doctrines of our faith along with aiding them in developing a personal relationship with Jesus.  Children attend from first grade through eighth grade.  We also have a kindergarten program for those who are interested.  Additionally, we have a thriving special education religious education program for those of our younger brothers and sisters with special needs.  Please contact the our religious education Coordinators, Mrs. Nancy Mazany or Mrs. Claire Olah at 845-355-6255 for more information.


The RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults) and RCIT (Rite of Christian Initiation for Teens) is a program for those who wish to enter into the Catholic Church or for those who were baptized Catholic and desire to complete their initiation into the Church.  The classes are informal but provide the individual the time and opportunity to grow in their understanding of what we as Catholics believe while developing a closer relationship with Jesus.  Classes begin each September and are open to everyone even if you are fully initiated and are simply looking to learn more about our faith.  For additional information please contact Nancy Mazany at the rectory at 845-355-4439.


Our Adult Faith Formation program provides opportunities for all adults to learn more about and to deepen their faith.  We have a series of presentations throughout the summer months and special programs during the school year.  Past presentations have included the Discovering Christ program, the Parables of Jesus, Apologetics, Church History and a Passover Seder.  Additionally we offer a variety of Bible Study programs throughout the year including an annual summer series.  For additional information please contact Nancy Mazany at the rectory at 845-355-4439.



Cursillo is a weekend encounter retreat which helps people to grow in and strengthen their personal relationship with God and their knowledge of our Faith.  There are follow-up programs after the weekend for those who wish to take part in them.  It is a great way to enhance your faith life.  For more information please leave a message at the rectory for Bob and Yolanda Leavy.



We have a growing program for competitive basketball here within the parish.  Our teams play other teams throughout Orange County.  Additionally we have a skills program for those in grades three and four.  This program helps them to learn the basics of the game while educating them in good sportsmanship.  Registration for the program takes place at the end of September and the season runs through March.  For more information or to register for the program please leave a message for John Batule at the rectory.



Our parish nurses do blood pressure screenings, sponsor our bi-annual blood drive, and assist us with additional health information through the weekly bulletin.  We also have a medical supply closet for people who may be in need of walkers, crutches, commodes, etc.  Our outreach to the Homebound program provides volunteers for friendly visits, transportation for doctor’s appointments and shopping.  For information please call the rectory at 845-355-4439 ext. 11 and leave a message.



The Ladies Confraternity is a group of women in the parish who gather once a month to plan different activities.  Some of the past projects include our annual Apple Pie sale, an Academy Awards Dinner Dance, the Saint Patrick’s and Saint Joseph’s Day Dinners, various spiritual breakfasts and a jobs fair.  The Confraternity is open to all of the women of our Parish.  They meet on the first Monday of the month at either the Holy Cross Parish Center or Our Lady of the Scapular.  Attendance at the meetings is not necessary.  For more information please contact the rectory and leave a message for Kathleen Carey at 845-355-4439.


Men’s Group

Our Parish Men’s Group meets on the second Saturday of the month from 8:30am-10:00am in the Holy Cross Parish Center.  It is an informal gathering where we have breakfast together and discuss a topic that is presented.  They sponsor a family day each year at a minor league baseball game and help out with many other parish functions and activities.  The group is open to all of the men of the Parish.  For more information please leave a message for Paul Galbo at the rectory.



Our parenting group meets on Wednesday mornings from 9:30am to 11:00am during the school year.  Throughout the course of the year, we have the opportunity to hear from some guest speakers and to share in discussions on parenting issues.  A snack is provided for each of the children as well as a craft or activity as well as refreshments for the parents.  We also share in several seasonal celebrations.  Our parenting group is open to anyone who wishes to participate.



Praying for each other is an important aspect of our faith.  Our parish prayer chain members will storm heaven with their prayers on your behalf or for someone you know.  If you would like to participate as a member of the prayer chain or would like to add your name or the name of someone in need, please leave a message at 845-355-4439 ext. 11.



Our Respect Life Committee helps to make our parishioners as well as those in our community aware of the importance of respecting all human life from conception until natural death.  We sponsor an Annual Night of Prayer for Life, participate in the Life Chain, the 40 Days for Life prayer vigil including a special Holy Hour during that time and provide to our members information on Pro-Life issues.



Our teen group meets on the second and fourth Monday of each month in our Parish Center.  This is a group for High School aged students who wish to get together to discuss different topics, perform service projects for the parish or community, and socialize.  We also offer the opportunity for teens to attend DDA at CYFM in Garrison, New York.  DDA, Day by Day Agape, is a retreat program that will strengthen and enhance their faith life.  We also send many of our members to participate in the Annual Camp Veritas sponsored by the Archdiocese of New York.



Our Junior High group meets once a  month in our Parish Center.  This is a group for students in grades 5 through 8.  It is open to who wish to get together to discuss different topics, perform service projects for the parish or community, and socialize.  If you would like more information please leave a message for Theresa Geider at the rectory, 845-355-4439.



AA meetings are held each and every Thursday evening in the old church hall, the downstairs of building #2 at 7:30pm.



This parish based organization works to meet the needs of those in our parish and our community in a variety of different ways.  We organize an annual collection of school supplies for the children of our community.  We are also running an active food pantry.  In following the Gospel message of caring for the poor, our Outreach Ministry will serve All those in need, no matter their race, sex or creed.  If you are in need or know of someone who is in need, please contact the rectory 845-355-4439 ext. 11 to begin the process of receiving assistance.



Each summer our Teen group sponsors a Vacation Bible School for our younger parishioners.  VBS runs for three hours a day from Monday through Friday for one week.  The children learn songs and play games that reflect the biblical theme of the day.  They also participate in various crafts and activities as well as a snack which revolve around the same theme.



A relatively new group within our Church community, this group looks to garden and care for the Church grounds especially the area located in front of the rectory and the new prayer garden.



The Parish Council functions as a consultative body to the pastor.  The Council consists of registered members of the parish that represent various groups, ministries, or other bodies from within the parish.  Each member has a term of service which is usually at least two years.  The advice, recommendations, pastoral efforts of the Council are indispensible to the pastor.  Being a member of the Council is an important administrative ministry. The Council is tasked with various projects and overseeing various committees that carry out ministry.  Coordinating, evaluating, organizing, reporting and unifying are typical skills that the Council employs.  Through loving care in planning for the good of parish, the pastor and the Council seek to build up the Body of Christ and assist the faithful in the ministry of Christ.



The Finance Council members consists of members of the community with expertise in accounting, finance, and parish ministries.  The Council exists to give advice and recommendations to the pastor in the financial administration of the parish.  They regularly monitor monthly income and expenses, annual budgets, investments, financial plans for the future.  They are also instrumental in the creation and approval of the parish budget.



Music ministry exists for one simple reason: music can help us pray better and can enrich our prayer experience. According to the U.S. bishops and Vatican documents, choirs have two main functions:

1) to help the assembly sing better, and
2) to offer choral music from the rich repertoire of the church as special musical prayer.

We provide music for weddings and funerals. Call the rectory and leave a message for a member of our Music Ministry at 845-355-4439 to start arrangements for music, or send an e mail. In planning music for a wedding, please contact us several weeks in advance.