On December 12th, 1911 the Church of the Holy Cross began in the farmhouse belonging to Joseph Kurpick and his family.  At the time, the people of our community would travel to Middletown, Port Jervis and Sussex, New Jersey to attend Holy Mass.  As the community continued to grow, a priest would come to offer Mass and celebrate weddings and Baptisms in Parishioners homes.

The first permanent church was built in 1917, just down the road on route 6, on land which had been obtained through the generosity of the O’Brien family.  Volunteers from the community built the structure.  A steeple was added to the church in 1950, to give the building more of a traditional church look, and that steeple is still there.

In 1968, a newer and larger church was built on our current site.  A meeting hall that was on the site of the original church was brought down the road and placed on top of a foundation.  It is still currently being used as part of our religious education program.  A second building was added in 1990 to provide additional classroom space as the parish continued to grow.

Our mission church of Our Lady of the Scapular began on the farm of Horton Clark in 1914.  At that time, Unionville was a small rural community.  The people were traveling great distances for Holy Mass.  Father Richard Colfer would travel to the Clark farm each week to give the children religious instruction.  Many of the people from Unionville would attend Mass at Saint Monica’s in Sussex, New Jersey but they wanted a church of their own.  The pastor of Saint Monica’s, Father Christian Haag, helped to make this a reality.  He spoke to the Carmelite order about creating a new mission in the Unionville community.  The first Mass was celebrated in the old Grange Hall in November of 1948.  The congregation prayed fervently for a permanent home.  It was then that the Methodist Church in Unionville disbanded and they sold their church.  In June of 1949, it was purchased by the Carmelites and became the new home for Our Lady of the Scapular.

In September of 1999, the Carmelites turned responsibility for these two mission churches back to the Archdiocese of New York.  It was then that the Archdiocese declared that Holy Cross was to be a free standing Parish with Our Lady of the Scapular as its mission church.  The Archbishop of New York, John Cardinal O’Connor, appointed Father Robert Porpora as the new Parishes first Pastor.  A rectory for both parish offices and a priest residence was added to the campus in February of 2003.  It was then that the parish began work on the construction of a large Parish Center.  Archbishop Timothy Michael Dolan came to offer Mass and dedicate the new Parish Center on September 12th, 2009.

In July of 2012, Father Michael Cedro was appointed as the second Pastor of Holy Cross Parish and Our Lady of the Scapular.  As we appreciate the great past that we have had as a Parish family, we also look forward to the future that awaits us.  The community continues to grow and we look forward to serving those needs guided by the mantra…FAITH-FAMILY-FUTURE.