Happy Thanskgiving

I just want to take this opportunity to extend to you and your family and friends the wishes for a very Happy Thanksgiving.  I can remember as a child, my Nonna (grandmother) insisting on the completion of a tradition that I am sure most if not all of you do as well.  After the grace before meals, we would each need to highlight something for which we were grateful.  As tomorrow looms so closely, I have decided to share with you what I am most grateful for…You!  Each and every Sunday, as I look out toward the congregation I see all of you gathered together.  I see the crosses that many of you are carrying and I see the generosity of so many of you towards the poor and marginalized within our society and world.  This year, I was overwhelmed by your care and concern for the people affected by natural disasters and financial instability.  Your love for families in our parish experiencing medical crisis has been inspirational.  Our food pantry has served numerous families throughout the year, including 40 families this Thanksgiving.  The Thanksgiving outpouring from so many of our parish groups has been incredible.  From our Girl Scouts, Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, our Ladies Confraternity and the Knights of Columbus along with countless Parishioners, you made this possible.  Your continued support for the parish through your weekly contribution and your fulfilling your pledges  to the renew & rebuild campaign has allowed us to complete numerous projects with several large projects coming in the spring.  For all of these reasons, I give thank to the Lord for the gift of being your Pastor!  Enjoy this special day with your families…See you this weekend!